Thursday, January 12, 2017

How To Earn Money Online Without Investment

Clixsense is a No.1 Paid To Click site which pays for seeing ads since 2007.
Yes, you read it right it pays for reading ads n dollars. It pays thousands of people worldwide as it is having loads of visitors who wish to earn some extra pocket money for free.
I have got most of payments from Clixsense.
So today i will tell you about this site how you can earn money just by clicking ads for free. 

  1. To create an account go to or CLICK HERE.
  2. Then click on Sign Up & fill out yours details in the form as shown below

3.Write your first and last name,username, password Then click on Create Account.
4.You will reach on Account Details page where you need to fill up information as shown below.

 Congrats!!  You have created your own clixsense account. Now i will tell you ways to earn money free from clixsense.


There are many ways to earn money with clixsense which are follows.
  1. Viewing ads
  2. Referrals
  3. Tasks
  4. Offers
  5. Clixgrid

 It is the easiest way to earn money online for free. You just need to click on VIEW ADS, a new window will open which says to click on a CAT among 5 pictures of pets.Then you need wait for few seconds.Thats it. Your account will be credited for that.

Referrals are users who have created account on clixsense as you refer this site to them. You just need to send your referral
 lin available on your MY Account page then need to all the steps which are mentioned above.
This means if somebody registers account using your referrals link you will earn 10% percentage of what they have earn. Suppose they are earning 100$ per day then you get 10$ per day without doing anything just by referring one person.So imagine if refer hundreds of people to join under you how much you are able to make.

Here clixsense very easy types of tasks for example finding a company’s address or phone number on a website.There will be around 10 questions like this and you have to answer them correctly then you will earn few cents just by completing these simple tasks.

here clixsense will either ask you some questions and you have to answer them correctly. Basically its like a survey and it is really simple one but pays good money.


This is a game where you can earn money if you are lucky. When you click on Clixgrid, a new window will appear like shown below and you have to click boxes as per your choice.If you hit the right box you earn from 0.10$ or 5$ or 10$.

So now you know what are they ways to earn free money on internet. 

Keep in mind this is not a Get Quick Rich system. The more efforts you put on this system more it will pay you.

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